GIS software development, GIS database design, Spatial data analysis, GIS consulting

2D/3D digital mapping, Indoor mapping, Cartography vectorization, Web map development

LiDAR data processing and conversion, Georectification and georeferencing, Vectorization and digitization, Data integration

Data capture and verification, Spatial data analysis, Cartography and mapping consulting, GIS web & app consulting

Floor plans digitalization, Indoor navigation, Building Information Model (BIM)

Data acquisition and digitization, Data conversion, Data cleansing and quality audit, Geospatial modeling and analysis

About us

Learn how Mappitall started, where it’s headed, and who are the people that take us where we need.

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About us

Our story

The idea of Mappitall was born long before the company itself. In 2007, Vladimir Ovramenko managed another agency specializing in GIS development for governmental and private organizations in Ukraine.

Years have passed, and Vladimir developed a clear vision of developing geocadastre data visualization and monitoring agricultural machinery. More experience followed as he undertook some ambitious projects on Upwork where he became a top-rated GIS expert.

In 2016, the idea riped into the self-standing Mappitall company we are now. Vladimir exited his ventures at the time and partnered with some exceptionally qualified people speaking many dialects of GIS, including Development, Cartography, DB, Navigation, Data Entry, and Research.

The Mappitall team is now dedicated to delivering top-quality GIS services allowing clients from all walks of life to harness the power of geography proven by spatial data and based on modern technologies.

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Our mission

We are developers. We are digital strategists. We are experts.

Our mission is to deliver a broad range of GIS development services adhering to the highest standards even on the most complex and atypical projects. Our team goes the extra mile to collect high-accuracy data and blend the technologies of digital mapping from a variety of sources including satellite images, aerial photographs, GPS field data, and existing maps.

Working in the B2B GIS segment, we create effective geospatial mapping tools for SMEs and startups that completely solve our clients’ business problems and help them reach their objectives.

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Our values

Having 15+ years of experience, we strive to deliver top-quality services using the leading technologies and frameworks in the industry, like PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Node.js, and other native programming tools.
Client-oriented services
Our clients’ priorities always come first; you are the boss of your project. We are not freelancers but rather a self-standing GIS development agency, so we take a vested interest in the success of your project.
Reliability and trust
We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and always take a proactive approach to unlock geospatial insights and devise sound solutions for your business. Rest assured that your project is in the hands of a pro team.
Aiming to win
We are one team united in our passion for innovations and talent. And we are eager to create game-changing projects that will drive informed decision-making and improved efficiency for our clients.

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