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Indoor Location Services

Help your clients navigate your property with ease and confidence.

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Indoor location-based services are the key to revolutionizing user experience. Yet, oftentimes it means nothing but an anchor point if the system isn’t accurate. Mappitall can help you design a precise indoor positioning system to locate people or assets inside the building no worse than the satellite-based ones for outdoors.

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Indoor mapping software development services we provide

Bring your floor plans to life

Floor plans digitalization
Create the 2D/3D digital map from any blueprint or paper map and visualize you building to see your indoor data, spaces, and assets in a single place.
Indoor navigation
Build a custom indoor tracking app for employees, contractors, and visitors to better orient themselves inside your facility and navigate it in real time.
Building Information Model (BIM)
Design a digital twin of your facility with all the collected and processed information on its assets, amenities, and assignments.
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Benefits of our indoor-location based services

Access precise indoor location data in the palm of your hand

Create indoor intelligence

Indoor location tracking services provide valuable insights on the most common location use patterns. Leverage this data and use it to improve use experiences and workflows.

Enjoy superior location accuracy

Unlike satellite-based GIS systems, indoor tracking solutions rely on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ultra-wide bands (UWB), and acoustic signals, among others to locate mobile tags. Capture objects with sub-meter accuracy.

Access your assets data in a single place

Indoor positioning system development means you can ditch your facility’s blueprints and spreadsheets which are after too easy to lose and too hard to understand. Use digital indoor maps or BIMs to obtain info about your assets.

Partner with industry professionals

An efficient indoor location mapping solution requires skilled engineers. Take advantage of Mappitall’s expertise as an indoor location services vendor and see your project delivered on time and within budget.

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Our work process

Kick off your project without extra hassle

Research & discovery
Soon after you reach out to us, we schedule a call to discuss your business requirements and objectives. We’ll determine the scope of work and provide the initial budget and timeline estimates for your project.
Project planning
During the project planning stage, you will receive a more detailed work breakdown schedule. We’ll decide on technologies to be used and help you choose the right positioning system for your needs and budget.
Data collection
Project execution starts with the collection of data. We re-draft poor-quality maps, digitalize paper maps, and obtain data from chips on the ground.
Data processing
The obtained data in processed, converted into a single format, and later imported into an database.
Location-enabled software development
The database is being connected to the back-end of your indoor positioning solution — be it a website or an app. We also design its user interface (UI) and develop the functionality in line with the initial scope of work.
Quality control
The indoor positioning system is carefully tested to ensure all anchor points are in place and the obtained data is precise.
Project launch
Your indoor map is released, and we sign our agreement off. If you enjoy working with us at Mappitall, you can always sign up for ongoing support and map maintenance services.
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Industries we serve

Real estate offices
Distribution centers
Healthcare facilities

Technologies we use

Tools and frameworks:
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Mapbox GL
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ArcGIS Online
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HERE Map JavaScript API
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UMN Mapserver
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Vector Tiles (mbTiles, .PBF)
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Mappitall cases

Discover our GIS success stories

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GIS toolkit for COVID-19 Vaccines Nearby

The US healthcare authorities build a app with all COVID-19 vaccine providers across the country and up-to-date data on vaccine availability.

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GIS toolkit for
Road Lanes

Movement of vehicles in real time.

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GIS toolkit for FuseGIS

A real estate company designs a mapping solution to save time, cost, and resources for brokers and real estate agents.

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Leverage the wealth of building data and floor plans with Mappitall

Reach out to us at Mappitall and create the indoor map your visitors need.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How does indoor positioning work?

    Indoor positioning systems rely on data obtained from radio-based, optical, magnetic, an acoustic signals. Because GPS satellites are ineffective in closed spaces, a user’s device should receive impulses from anchor points or sensors installed in a room. This method of data collection guarantee fool-proof accuracy of the positioning system.

    How do you build an indoor location system?

    To build an indoor positioning system (IPS), you have to set up equipment (aka anchors) at your office to receive signals from a user’s device. The chip on a user’s device will communicate with the anchor and forward the specific location to a server. Data is collected in real time and imported in a database in the back-end of your indoor location system.

    How do indoor location services help with facilities management?

    Indoor positioning software development services help manage assets inside the facility better and improve user experience. They also increase efficiency for service calls, like in the hospital complexes or in large office buildings, and enhance safety of facilities and employees.

    Why you should implement a digital indoor map in your business?

    Indoor location software development will help you create a smart office to improve productivity of your workforce and the experience of your visitors. For instance, your employees can find specific rooms, check real-time desk availability, or navigate the facility in search of routes that accommodate wheelchairs. You can also use a map for building management or emergency response plan.