GIS software development, GIS database design, Spatial data analysis, GIS consulting

2D/3D digital mapping, Indoor mapping, Cartography vectorization, Web map development

LiDAR data processing and conversion, Georectification and georeferencing, Vectorization and digitization, Data integration

Data capture and verification, Spatial data analysis, Cartography and mapping consulting, GIS web & app consulting

Floor plans digitalization, Indoor navigation, Building Information Model (BIM)

Data acquisition and digitization, Data conversion, Data cleansing and quality audit, Geospatial modeling and analysis

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Mappital GIS Services

Mappitall is a renowned leader in the field of GIS services. It empowers businesses to enjoy geographic information and make well-informed decisions. We stand as a trusted partner in the realm of geographic information systems. That's due to our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technologies. Mappitall delivers exceptional GIS mapping services. These are GIS software development, 2D/3D digital mapping, GIS consulting, and more. Unlock the full potential of spatial data with our experts.

Our Services

GIS Software Development

GIS Software Development Services

GIS Software Development

GIS development services offer businesses customized solutions to meet their specific needs. Companies can make more informed decisions. That's due to analyzing data and automating processes. They engage customers, improve field operations, and gain a competitive advantage.

GIS Database Design

GIS database design services involve creating and optimizing databases that store geospatial data. This includes organizing data and integrating diverse geographic information sources. It ensures data consistency and quality, query performance, and scalability.

Spatial Data Analysis

Spatial information analysis services involve the use of advanced techniques. They help extract insights and patterns from geospatial data. You can perform various tasks like spatial clustering, interpolation, regression, and modeling.

GIS Consulting

GIS consultant services help address challenges with GIS technology. Consultants assess business needs and design customized solutions. They analyze and visualize data, optimize workflows, and provide training and support. Businesses use improved decision-making, streamlined operations, and enhanced efficiency.

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GIS Consulting

Data Capture and Verification

Let's explore developing a GIS service with a data collector. It involves converting it into a digital format for GIS analysis. Data verification ensures the accuracy and quality of captured data.

Spatial Data Analysis

Spatial information analysis helps analyze data to uncover valuable insights and patterns. Businesses can optimize resource allocation, target specific markets, and stay ahead of competitors.

Cartography and Mapping

Cartography and mapping help visualize and analyze data. That makes it easier to understand and make decisions based on spatial information. Users can easily recognize patterns, relationships, and trends in the data. They can communicate this information to others.

GIS Web & App Development

You can enjoy the cutting-edge app and web GIS services with geospatial technologies. It combines web development with geospatial data processing and spatial analysis techniques.

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GIS Consulting
GIS Mapping Services

GIS Mapping Services

2D & 3D Digital Mapping

It incorporates detailed information on surface geological features, utilizing data from various sources. This enhances maps, providing a comprehensive view of the terrain

Indoor Mapping

You can transform any facility or venue into a floor plan or Building Information Model (BIM). This allows for the visualization of the internal layout. Users get the possibility to locate and navigate within the building or venue.

Cartography Vectorization

Cartography vectorization helps convert rasterized images into georeferenced data instances. It transforms static images into dynamic and interactive geospatial data. Users can enjoy facilitated analysis, visualization, and exploration within GIS applications.

Web Map Development

It’s the creation of interactive web-based maps. They leverage geographic information and GIS technology. Users get a visual representation and analysis of geographic information. Web map development helps create engaging maps for various applications.

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GIS Mapping Data Conversion

LIDAR Data Processing and Conversion

It processes and converts LiDAR data into usable formats within GIS. GIS data conversion services help integrate converted LiDAR data into GIS systems

Georectification and Georeferencing

They make your maps more reliable and precise. That’s because georectification aligns images with the real world. It ensures accurate representation, while georeferencing adds location coordinates to non-spatial data. You can explore the world with pinpoint accuracy.

Vectorization and Digitization

They convert rasterized images into vector data or digital files of any format. You can manipulate, analyze, and integrate spatial information within GIS systems.

Data Integration

Integrating geographic information from diverse sources is valuable. It gives a comprehensive view of location information. Combining these varied datasets gives you a holistic view of spatial data. It facilitates analysis, visualization, and decision-making.

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GIS Mapping Data Conversion
Indoor Location Services

Indoor Location Services

Floor Plans Digitalization

A 2D/3D digital map provides a unified view of your building. It allows you to visualize and analyze indoor data, spaces, and assets. This enables efficient space management and navigation.

Indoor Navigation

It provides seamless navigation and guidance within indoor spaces. Indoor maps, real-time positioning systems, and routing algorithms help navigate complex indoor environments. They can locate points of interest and optimize their indoor travel routes.

Building Information Model (BIM)

A complete digital representation of a building's characteristics helps integrate geospatial data. It facilitates spatial analysis and building assets management throughout the construction project lifecycle.

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Geospatial Data Services

Data Acquisition and Digitization

Gathering and converting different types of information into digital formats has many benefits. It enables efficient storage, analysis, and use of data within business operations.

Data Conversion and Transformation

It’s the process of converting and reformatting location data to another format. It enables seamless integration and compatibility across different systems and applications.

Data Cleansing and Quality Audit

Identify and correct errors and inconsistencies in geospatial data. You can enhance your business credibility and your spatial information accuracy.

Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Geographic information and computational techniques provide a deeper understanding of spatial phenomena. They help create models and derive meaningful insights about the geographic domain.

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Geospatial Data Services

Reasons to Choose Our GIS Development Services

If you are looking for gis mapping services, these are the reasons to choose Mappitall:

We have +15 years of expertise in delivering high-quality GIS mapping services. Furthermore, we use cutting-edge technologies in various industries.

We have a customized approach to every client and try to meet their unique needs with our GIS services. Our team prioritizes your success and aims to develop revolutionary projects.

We have many success stories showcasing how we helped our clients stand out in the market. Our GIS services promote making data-driven decisions. Moreover, we enhance their operational efficiency, risk management, and customer engagement.

Our Case Studies

We collaborated with various companies. These are FuseGis, Geosphere LLC, FortRoss, and more.
Our experts offered them geospatial solutions. They boosted their business efficiency.
They include:

  • Spatial Gis services,
  • Gis mapping services,
  • Gis analyst land development services,
  • Gis services pest control,
  • Gis services for environmental management, and more.

Here you can find out more about our client’s cases:



This software solution allows deep data and GIS data analysis of absolutely all parcels and properties within the territories Precise Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX GIS Data

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A sustainable energy company builds a GIS toolkit to inform the most efficient design and placement of solar panels

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Transit Link

Transit Link

Public transport routes by city, district, and operator

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Clients Testimonials

Mappitall has completed the project on time and within budget, meeting the client's requirements and government regulations. They were responsive, communicating via Skype calls for urgent matters, and their overall work ethic impresses the client

Sergey Litvinenko
Founder & Chief Strategist, Geosphere LLC

Mappitall has successfully supplied all the necessary resources that have helped complete the deliverables accurately and promptly. The team collaborates on Jira and GitHub, following an agile methodology and holding daily stand-ups. Overall, their commitment, dedication, and experience are notable

Kamil Kluza
CPO, Climate X


How does GIS help?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help capture, store, analyze, visualize, and interpret spatial data. It enables users to understand complex data due to its visual representation. Geospatial technologies allow users to find spatial data patterns, relationships, and trends. They can manage and integrate geographic data from different sources.

What do GIS specialists do?

Let’s find out what GIS specialists do to understand GIS services' meaning. They are professionals who work with geospatial data. Their responsibilities are diverse. They include gathering geographic data and organizing and maintaining GIS databases. Moreover, they analyze spatial data and create maps. These experts apply GIS technology to solve challenges with GIS-based solutions.

How is GIS used in telecom and network services?

The telecom and network services industries use GIS in various ways. Network planning, design, asset management, site selection, tracking, and maintenance use GIS. Users can visualize networks and analyze service areas. It helps them integrate location-based data for customer relationship management.

What is a REST service in GIS?

A REST service in GIS is a web service that lets applications access and interact with GIS data online. It uses URLs and HTTP methods like GET and POST to retrieve and change GIS resources. These services are stateless and provide different data formats, such as XML or JSON. REST services simplify the integration of GIS capabilities into applications. They ensure standardized communication with GIS data and perform GIS operations.

What is GP service in GIS?

A GP service in GIS is a web tool that lets users easily analyze and process GIS data. Clients can submit geoprocessing tasks and receive online results with a simple interface. GP services enhance automation, collaboration, and accessibility within GIS workflows.


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