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Data capture and verification, Spatial data analysis, Cartography and mapping consulting, GIS web & app consulting

Floor plans digitalization, Indoor navigation, Building Information Model (BIM)

Data acquisition and digitization, Data conversion, Data cleansing and quality audit, Geospatial modeling and analysis

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Team up with GIS experts to boost the business value of your product.

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Sometimes getting an outside opinion is the best way to improve a product. Our GIS consulting firm will bring a wealth of knowledge into your in-house team and devise better ways of capturing, visualizing, and analyzing geospatial data. Think graphically, make more informed decisions, and save more time and money with our geospatial consultants.

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Hire a GIS consultant for any project

GIS consulting services we provide

Data capture and verification
Capture, cleanse, and format data from hardcopy and scanned maps, satellite and aerial images, vectorization plans and factory maps to produce an accurate, scalable digital solution.
Spatial data analysis
Convert and analyze raw and processed data and come up with the right solution to your business problem — whether it is site visualization, cost estimates, or trend analysis.
Cartography and mapping
Pull and process data, classify objects in line with LIDAR, design relief and contour map layouts, and export it in any format to bring more value to your business.
GIS web & app development
Bring top engineering talent to streamline your GIS web and app development process and integrate cutting-edge technologies into your product.
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Benefits of our GIS consulting services

Improve your GIS product in leaps and bounds

Quickly implement your GIS solution

Emphasis on speed over quality of development hurts any company. Fortunately, with our geospatial consulting firm, you can emphasize on both. We deeply research your business problem and consult you on the best solution(s) to streamline your development process or maximize operation of your existing GIS system.

Deliver advanced functionalities

Technology should work for you, not vice versa. Having 15+ years of experience in GIS development, Mappitall knows how to use the latest technologies to build a system that meets your precise business needs. Take advantage of our deep tech expertise to enrich your product with robust features and bring more values to your end-users.

Get customized consultation

We take pride in our customized approach to the client. Our GIS consultants will carefully study your business needs and objectives and come up with an effective solution to increase your productivity. Thanks to their analytical mindset and rigorous experience in the GIS industry, you will be able to better allocate your existing resources and address your pain points.

Partner with industry professionals

All you have to know about the success of our GIS consultancy support lies in numbers: 80+ GIS successfully completed projects, 12 000+ working hours, and 15+ years of experience. We aim to win and always provide client-oriented GIS consultancy services. A Mappitall GIS expert on your team will be a huge asset for your business.

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Our work process

Kick-off your project without extra hassle

Information gathering
We agree on a kick-off call, and our GIS consultant company gathers your project requirements, objectives, pain points.
Project planning
After thorough research, our GIS consulting agency define the scope of work. A dedicated GIS consultant prepares an action plan, minimizes risks, and identifies the list of long- and short-term tasks.
Ongoing collaboration
Mappitall GIS consultant guides you on the use of geospatial systems, collects and analyzes data, and helps to implement software systems required to achieve your objectives.
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Industries we serve

Real estate
Sustainable energy
Transportation and logistics

Technologies we use

Tools and frameworks:
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Mapbox GL
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ArcGIS Online
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HERE Map JavaScript API
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UMN Mapserver
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Vector Tiles (mbTiles, .PBF)
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Mappitall cases

Discover our GIS success stories

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GIS toolkit for COVID-19 Vaccines Nearby

The US healthcare authorities build a app with all COVID-19 vaccine providers across the country and up-to-date data on vaccine availability.

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GIS toolkit for
Road Lanes

Movement of vehicles in real time.

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GIS toolkit for FuseGIS

A real estate company designs a mapping solution to save time, cost, and resources for brokers and real estate agents.

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Looking to hire a GIS consultant for your project?

Use our expertise to design your GIS solution.

    Just contact us:

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    Frequently asked questions

    Can you assign me a dedicated GIS consultant for my project?

    Yes, of course. In GIS consulting, we always take a customized approach to our customers and can assign a dedicated GIS consultant if you need it. The consultant will research your business problem, devise a sound solution, optimize your resources, and be there for you whenever you need.

    How many people from your team will participate in GIS consultations on my project?

    The size of the team will depend on your requested service and the size of your project. If you have a web or mobile app, the GIS сonsulting team might include up to five people including a cartographer, a data analyst, and developers. If you engage us on short-term projects of data analysis or cartography, one or two GIS consultants may be enough.

    What is included in your GIS consulting services?

    Mappitall GIS consultancy services include data capture and verification, raw data analysis from various sources (paper maps, satellite images, geospatial data, etc.), cartography and mapping consultation, and GIS web and app development consulting. Specific services will vary depending on your business needs and tech issues.

    What are the advantages of your GIS consultations over the services of other GIS consulting companies?

    First, the Mappitall GIS consulting team comprises experts with over 15 years of experience and dozens of successful projects in the field. We are no freelancers and we know what it takes to build an outstanding GIS solution. Second, customer centricity is at the heart of Mappitall operations. Our clients’ priorities always come first, and we carefully listen to their requirements to meet and even exceed their expectations.

    How do I know if my company needs GIS consulting services?

    If you experience performance bottlenecks, face difficulties in decision-making due to inaccurate location data, get lost in mountains of data in your spreadsheets, or feel unsure about the right allocation of your resources — you definitely need GIS consultancy services. Mappitall GIS consulting team will help you improve you existing mapping software, help you stay ahead of GIS trends, and ensure you make more informed spatially-related decisions.

    What does a GIS consultant do?

    A GIS consultant guides companies on the use of geospatial systems and advises implementation strategy of related software systems. Geospatial consultants also collect, store, and update geographical data for the project and make suggestions based on the obtained analytics. It is their responsibility to ensure your GIS project meets your goals.

    What companies need GIS consultancy services?

    Some geospatial consulting companies that regularly invest in GIS consultancy belong to the public safety, real estate, transportation, retail, and agriculture industries. But basically, any company working with geospatial data and wishing to optimize your operational efficiency will greatly benefit from a GIS consultant on their team.

    Does GIS consulting have a future?

    GIS is a growing market, and all organizations that keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends will integrate GIS technology in their operations whenever relevant. Businesses will also use GIS to make strategic decisions that result in higher revenues and better operational efficiency. Partnering with a GIS consulting firm means that you might gain a competitive advantage and will react to the changing market demands faster.