GIS software development, GIS database design, Spatial data analysis, GIS consulting

2D/3D digital mapping, Indoor mapping, Cartography vectorization, Web map development

LiDAR data processing and conversion, Georectification and georeferencing, Vectorization and digitization, Data integration

Data capture and verification, Spatial data analysis, Cartography and mapping consulting, GIS web & app consulting

Floor plans digitalization, Indoor navigation, Building Information Model (BIM)

Data acquisition and digitization, Data conversion, Data cleansing and quality audit, Geospatial modeling and analysis

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COVID-19 Vaccines Nearby

Bringing COVID-19 vaccine closer to the public with a web app
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Road Lanes

Traffic simulation with road markings with hourly playback
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This software solution allows deep data and GIS data analysis of absolutely all parcels and properties within the territories Precise Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX GIS Data
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A sustainable energy company builds a GIS toolkit to inform the most efficient design and placement of solar panels
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Green energy systems create a data-driven asset management program that reduces electrification costs and informs investment decisions
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Now all US hospital locations in one list. Just select the one you need and we will show it to you on the map
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IBO RotaDoCafe

The famous coffee route on the island of Ibo with points of interest
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Map with data on traffic density in the United States
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Drop For Ukraine

The ultimate platform for voluntary assistance to Ukraine
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Vector and raster map display with the choice of their type
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Girafa Solar

Points "Girafa Solar" (a structure to create a community space to charge cellphones and listening to the radio in rural areas) on the map
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Jornal da Cidade

Displaying layers on the map with statistical data on population and density in the city
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Civic Hub

The company partnered with Mappitall to enhance their SF Crime and Arrest Data Project with an interactive map.
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Rain Guardians

SFPUC Rain Guardians Program presents a map of rain gardens to a community of volunteers to help manage stormwater and keep them free of trash and debris.
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Solano County

A US transportation authority builds intuitive maps for California residents and improves daily commute around Solano county.
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A guide to wineries in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties
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National Airport Database

A map showing the airport - and routes from the airport to city centers (routes were created with TomTom)
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Public transport routes by city, district, and operator
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