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Volodymyr Ovramenko

Volodymyr Ovramenko

CEO and Founder at Mappitall

Vladimir Ovramenko is a GIS and spatial data entry expert with over 13 years of experience in Geoinformation Systems development. Having worked as a head of Sigma LTD, Vladimir built up expertise in geocadastre data visualization and GIS development for public and private organizations. Then he spent years helping companies worldwide implement innovative mapping solutions as an independent contractor.

As a CEO at Mappitall, Vladimir is now managing development teams and delivering effective geospatial mapping tools for businesses of any size. He is a huge fan of open-source software and speaks about such interactive map development technologies as Mapbox, Leaflet, Node.js, Vue, React, Python, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, among others.

Find more of his insights on ETL, geospatial data analysis, 2D & 3D data visualization, and data entry on this blog.

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