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Clarity in decision-making with GIS-based asset management software

Green energy systems create a data-driven asset management program that reduces electrification costs and informs investment decisions.
Project name SOLARIS
Utiligize is a Danish company, that makes data-driven asset management programs based on 2030/2040 electric vehicles (EV), battery, wind, and solar forecasts. To cut costs and optimize investment decision-making, the company has begun to collaborate with Mappitall on an ongoing basis to develop a whole new way of visualizing data.
Back end:
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Front end:
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Electricity, Science, Green energy systems
Project status:
In progress
Team size:
20 people
The challenge
Easier system maintenance and more
cost-saving investment forecasts

Balancing costs and system reliability is a non-linear problem, becoming ever more complex as new distributed energy resources come online. Aging infrastructure and the coming wave of transport and heating electrification will strain budgets and reliability estimates more than ever.

For this reason, Utiligize needed an intelligent solution that would optimize investment and maintenance in the face of the local challenges. An asset management system draws on the data from various sources, like cables, stations, cabinets, transformers, street lights, etc. Our job at Mappitall is to develop and integrate a modern GIS-based technology platform that will not only analyze the data but also act on it.

Objectives and tasks:

Carry out general data analysis of the whole infrastructure


Conduct visual analysis of the overall electricity system


Create maintenance plans and long-term investment plans based on risk assessment

Asset management software
for green energy systems

Given the challenges of weak electricity network accounting over Europe, Mappitall has decided to modernize the approach to the problem. A modern system is being developed and implemented allowing for optimized electricity network accounting, management, and maintenance.

The key to the project is the analysis of the as-is state of electricity consumption and its predictions. The asset management system uses the MapBox vector map as a cartographic background. Additional vector layers are placed for zoning the viewed region on the map and display assets in three view tabs.

The Assets view shows general data analysis of the whole infrastructure, such as cables, stations, cabinets, transformers, street lights, and traffic light control boxes.

The Load view visually analyzes the overall electricity system load filtered by time range and max load filtered by scenario.

The Plan view creates maintenance plans and long-term investment plans based on risk.

Utiligize - 21

Assets View: All main layers and Zones layer switched on

Utiligize - 22

Load View: load layer switched on (Flat 2D view with time slider), buildings layer on the background, investment layer (3D)

Results at a glance
Costs cut by 25% and improved investment decision-making
The asset management system of Utigilize is being constantly improved and so far has the following capabilities:

Create maintenance plans and long-term investment plans based on risk assessment

Predict investment decisions that reduce cost by 25%

Calculate SAIDI and SAIFI every night

Bring a mobile application to technicians

Register asset replacements, repairs, and inspections directly

Provide easy access to instructions and data manuals

Conduct a condition-based risk assessment for regulatory reporting