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IBO RotaDoCafe - 6

IBO RotaDoCafe

GIS toolkit for
IBO RotaDoCafe

The famous coffee route on the island of Ibo with points of interest.
The famous coffee route on the island of Ibo with points of interest.
Tourism and Agriculture
Project Status:
November 2022
Front end:
IBO RotaDoCafe - 7


IBO RotaDoCafe - 8IBO RotaDoCafe - 9

Location on the map of the coffee route with attractions on the island of Ibo

IBO RotaDoCafe - 10IBO RotaDoCafe - 11

Selected one of the locations from the list with its zoom on the map

IBO RotaDoCafe - 12IBO RotaDoCafe - 13

When you click on a point on the map, a card with information about it appears

IBO RotaDoCafe - 14IBO RotaDoCafe - 15

It is also possible to change the map type to Satellite

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