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Kuwait - 6


GIS toolkit for

Vector and raster map display with the choice of their type
Vector and raster map display with the choice of their type
Project Status:
July 2021
Front end:
Kuwait - 7

Mapbox GL

Back end:
Kuwait - 8


Kuwait - 9


Kuwait - 10Kuwait - 11

Slide 1/11: Country, landuse and roads

Kuwait - 12Kuwait - 13

Slide 2/11: Country, landuse, roads and neighborhoods

Kuwait - 14Kuwait - 15

Slide 3/11: Country, landuse, roads, neighborhoods and additional roads

Kuwait - 16Kuwait - 17

Slide 4/11: Country, landuse, roads, neighborhoods, additional roads and blocks

Kuwait - 18Kuwait - 19

Slide 5/11: Country, landuse, roads, neighborhoods, additional roads, blocks and internal roads

Kuwait - 20Kuwait - 21

Slide 6/11: Land parcels

Kuwait - 22Kuwait - 23

Slide 7/11: Land parcels and captions

Kuwait - 24Kuwait - 25

Slide 8/11: Land parcels, captions and dimensions

Kuwait - 26Kuwait - 27

Slide 9/11: Land parcels, captions, dimensions and Google satellite image

Kuwait - 28Kuwait - 29

Slide 10/11: Land parcels, captions, dimensions and ESRI satellite image

Kuwait - 30Kuwait - 31

Slide 11/11: Land parcels, captions, dimensions and parcel id

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