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Civic Hub

Mapping Out the Crime and Arrest Data Statistics

Civic Hub is a San Francisco-based think tank and incubator for projects that improve quality of life using technology. The company partnered with Mappitall to enhance their SF Crime and Arrest Data Project with an interactive map.
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Civil society, Technology
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Results at a glance
Crime rate statistics in open access

Civic Hub promotes the use of open data, open source, and open knowledge on all of its projects. The SF Crime and Arrest Data Project is no exception and means to help the San Francisco Police Department (SPFD) with crime statistics in the area.

The mapping solution developed in collaboration with Mappitall is now available to the public and:

Visualizes the crime rate stats based on the dataset from the SPFD incident reports

Displays crime incidents data across all San Francisco neighborhoods, universities, and colleges

Allows to filter the data based on the time period, resolution (cite or arrest adult / juvenile, exceptional adult / juvenile, open or active), and category (arson, assault, burglary, general crime, etc.)

Exports the data set in a spreadsheet for further use and analysis

Provides a list of all crime incidents with their date and time, district, description, and other details

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