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Rain Guardians - 6

Rain Guardians

Paving the way to sustainability with a smart mapping solution

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Rain Guardians Program presents a map of rain gardens to a community of volunteers to help manage stormwater and keep them free of trash and debris.
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All rain gardens of San Francisco in the palm of your hand

The goal of SFPUC is to engage residents and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area to take an active role in caring for and improving the neighborhood where they live and work.


The mapping solution delivered by Mappitall allows to:

Display all rain gardens across the San Francisco area

See which rain garden is available and which one is adopted

Adopt the garden or join the waiting list

Interact with the map to learn more details about the rain garden, including its address, and basic description

Sign up for the service or log in to your dashboard to rename your adopted gardens, capture clean-ups, and share your achievements on social media

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