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Solano County - 6

Solano County

Upgrading city maps for easier commute in California

A US transportation authority builds intuitive maps for California residents and improves daily commute around Solano county.
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Results at a glance
Maps to improve the quality of life & mobility in Solano County

The prime purpose of the project was for the authorities of Solano County, north-east of San Francisco Bay Area, CA, to facilitate the local transportation authority, residents, and commuters to the area.

With the help of Mappitall, managed to:

Deliver transit system maps of each community in the county (Dixon, Benicia, Fairfield, etc)

Make the city maps interactive displaying the bus stops and bus lines running to a particular location

Connect the solution to Google Maps allowing the user to easier navigate through the area

Create a portal with the Northern California commuter information (number of communities in each county, transportation authorities, transit services, etc.)

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