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Precise data and faster deals with a layered mapping solution

A real estate company designs a mapping solution to save time, cost, and resources for brokers and real estate agents.
Project name SOLARIS
FuseGIS is a US real estate company famous for its unified GIS mapping product which provides valuable insights to make real estate decisions through refined data listings. They partnered with Mappitall to develop software that allows deep GIS data analysis of all tax parcels and properties within Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, TX.
Back end:
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Front end:
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Real estate, Tax parcels
Project Status:
In progress
Team size:
4 people
The challenge
Affordable and easy access
to reliable location data

Almost every city or county in the state of Texas (TX) has online services to provide information about Tax Parcels and Properties. However, there is no single registry collecting the data into a single source, especially at the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) level.

For this reason, brokers and real estate agents often face challenges retrieving data on specific properties, taxes, and client deals. Mappitall has helped to develop a reliable, easy-to-use solution that normalizes all data sources across the MSA, including PDFs, into an interactive map and makes it easy for all stakeholders to view, analyze, search, and compare info.

Objectives and tasks:

Collect, analyze, and generate up-to-date cartographic datasets of Tax Parcels from different sources


Collect, analyze, and form relevant sets of attributive data on Properties from different sources


Collect, analyze, and form relevant sets the actual sets of cartographic data for additional spatial layers


Define the relationships between Tax Parcels objects and additional spatial layers based on topological melts

Interactive map for deep
data and GIS data analysis

Having analyzed the client’s requirements, Mappitall has developed a unified Tax Parcels & Properties registry for Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio counties, TX. The solution places an additional set of spatial layers allowing for a flexible search of all up-to-date info on the locations.

In particular, the solution comprises four main maps: Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Each offers the following vector layers for zoning the region on the map: affordable housing, cases and permits (construction, site plan reviews, subdivision), contour lines, floodplain and water, jurisdiction and location, opportunity zones, tax parcels, transportation, etc. The user can overlay several data layers at once to get a clear picture of the zone or facility of interest.

Besides, Mappitall has suggested adding a few time-saving tools, like the map ruler showing both imperial and metric measurements. The light-dark mode and the ability to layer satellite views on top of the satellite footage render the solution extremely user-friendly.

FuseGIS - 15

Layers - Affordable Housing, Contour lines, and Tax Parcels filters on.

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Layers - Opportunity Zones

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Filter by parcels with a certain jurisdiction.

Results at a glance
Complete data in an easy-to-use interface
The software brings many benefits in addition to saving time and costs for real estate agents. They can obtain data from a wide range of sources (including the offline ones), locate properties and records fast, and make more sound decisions on the acquired information.
FuseGIS users have now received the opportunity to:

Access the layered display of spatial data on the map

Search for Tax Parcels by address and property ID and display the search results on the map

Filter Tax Parcels by spatial and attribute data

Display the filtered results both on the map and in the table while further navigating the page

Export the sorted data to CSV

Take measurements on the map