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Smart solar panel installation with a GIS toolkit

A sustainable energy company builds a GIS toolkit to inform the most efficient design and placement of solar panels.

Project name SOLARIS

SolarPlus is a solar panel company that designs, manufactures, and installs solar modules and provides PV solutions. To take all the guesswork out of the solar panel installation process, the company needed a GIS toolkit that would obtain maximum power generation with minimum equipment costs, while complying with international and state standards.




Sustainable energy

Project status:


Team size:

2 people

Back end:
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Front end:

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Google Maps

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The challenge

Saving costs with maximum
solar power efficiency

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a spatially organized energy installation equipment that ensures the conversion, metering, and accumulation of electricity generated by the panels and its supply to the end consumer.

There are many PV options in the market nowadays, each having its own panel-inverter combination and the value of generated energy. SolarPlus needed a universal tool that would automatically design solar PV considering the customers’ needs and the technological nuances of the equipment installation. The software had to immediately calculate the cost of equipment configuration and visualize the final product on the clients’ facilities.

Objectives and tasks:


Obtain maximum power generation with minimum costs of installation


Find the optimal installation option for each individual use case


Comply with the recognized international and national standards

GIS software for residential and commercial solar power plants

Mappitall delivered a GIS tool allowing to quickly select the optimal design, combination, and placement of equipment, calculating the final cost of the project and visualizing the project for the consumer. The tool can apply to both industrial and domestic solar PVs and help install panels on the roofs of houses and on the ground.

Using OpenStreetMap as a cartographic basis for the project, a GIS tool uses both images from online sources (Google Maps, NearMaps, Metromaps, etc.) and the ones provided by SolarPlus (UAV surveys, architecture plans, etc.). Solar panels are mapped onto the given area for the user to see what the installation will look like in reality. The preview function provides a 3D image of the area and a wide array of options for solar panel design.

Solaris - 18Solaris - 19

End result with panel display palette.

Results at a glance

Solar installation workflow made easier

Eventually, Solaris GIS spatial analysis and graphic design toolkit allows to:

Create photovoltaic systems for both existing and planned buildings

Select the optimal number of photovoltaic modules, taking into account the load on the power system

Choose the best arrangement of panels in terms of visual appeal and technological features of the structure

Find the most illuminated areas of the roof with the help of precise geographic referencing that considers the exposure and angle of inclination of the roof

Choose the optimal layout of equipment, taking into account the angle of inclination of solar panels

Calculate the cost for various schemes of PV installation

Mappitall cases

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