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COVID-19 Vaccines Nearby - 6

COVID-19 Vaccines Nearby

Bringing COVID-19 vaccine closer to the public with a web app

The US healthcare authorities build a app with all COVID-19 vaccine providers across the country and up-to-date data on vaccine availability.
Back end:
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Front end:
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Project status:
Results at a glance
Maps to find the nearest COVID-19 vaccination location in the United States

In an attempt to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the US Department of Health and Human Services came up with a plan to make COVID‑19 vaccines free and available to anyone who wants one. They partnered with clinics, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities and requested an app providing accurate information about the vaccination services in the area.

Mappitall designed a map for that allows its users to:

find all locations on the map that carry COVID-19 vaccines and their contact information

view the vaccines available in the healthcare facility and schedule an appointment with the location a user chooses

filter COVID-19 vaccine providers by spatial and attribute values (such as zip code or COVID‑19 vaccines)

pull real-time data from dozens of authoritative data sources to find COVID-19 vaccine providers that match the filter criteria

view the list of the closest vaccine locations while navigating the map in search of the area that interests the user

COVID-19 Vaccines Nearby - 12

Map - see all COVID-19 vaccine providers in the USA

COVID-19 Vaccines Nearby - 13

Filter - search for specific COVID-19 vaccine providers

COVID-19 Vaccines Nearby - 14

Info Panel - inspect a map object’s metadata